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The Portrait Tones Vol 1

The Portrait Tones Vol 1

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Professional Presets for Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw and Capture One

Elevate your photography with subtle color Presets, specially designed for photographers seeking that little extra. Whether you're shooting indoor portraits, outdoor scenes, or studio work, this collection is your go-to solution for an instant pop of color and luminosity.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Use: Perfectly balanced for indoor, outdoor, and studio portrait photography.
  • Palette of 20: A handpicked collection of 20 color presets for maximum impact.
  • Instant Pop: Enhance color depth, elevate mood, and add a professional touch with a simple click.
  • Skin Tone Focused : Designed to work for all skin tones
  • Portraits Perfected: These presets are fine-tuned to make portrait photography truly shine.

What's Included:

  • 20 meticulously crafted Lightroom presets designed for a diverse range of scenes and styles.
  • 20 Capture One Styles

Compatibility & Requirements:

  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 and higher.
  • Adobe Camera RAW
  • XMP Files and Capture One Styles: Includes both XMP files for Lightroom and Styles for Capture One.
  • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.3+ and Adobe Camera Raw CC 10.4+.

  • Universal camera brand compatibility.

Who Is This For:

  • Ideal for both seasoned photographers and those starting out, looking for that extra 'pop' in their portfolio.
  • Perfect for studio portraits
  • Works for Light & Airy

Take your photos from good to great, and add that elusive wow factor. The Light & Airy Color Presets make achieving a stunning, consistent portfolio easier than ever.

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