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Wanderlust Collection

Wanderlust Collection

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Transform your photography across genres and lighting conditions with the Wanderlust Collection, our best-selling, all-round preset package. Designed to impart a moody ambiance with minimal tweaking, this collection is versatile enough for outdoor shoots, couples, weddings, families, overcast skies, and the golden hour. (Includes the new updated Wanderlust2023 version + the Original Version)

Key Features:

  • 20 Versatile Presets: Includes 14 color, 3 black and white, and 3 practical tools (++ grain, remove grain, and reset all).
  • Instant Mood: Get the signature look with minimal adjustments.
  • Latest Update: The refreshed Wanderlust2023 version is included for enhanced features.
  • Broad Application: Equally effective for indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Skin Tone Focused : Made to work on all skin tones.
  • Adobe Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom Classic 4-6 and CC, as well as Adobe Camera Raw.
  • Compatible with all Camera Brands

Note: A basic understanding of Lightroom is recommended for optimal use. These presets are based on the Adobe Standard Calibration profile and are best suited for RAW files.


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Photos courtesy of

Jasmin Jade

Taylen Daylee

Danielle Navratil

Laura Mc Phearson

Kristen Pace

Megan Dunn​

Megan Scott

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