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The Beholden Collection

The Beholden Collection

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Introducing the Beholden Collection in collaboration with Danielle Navratil—your go-to solution for achieving warm, cozy, and inviting imagery. Curated with a cinematic touch, these presets offer an effortlessly moody and film-like aesthetic.

Key Features:

  • Warm & Cozy Aesthetic: Specifically designed to imbue your images with a sense of warmth and comfort.
  • 15 Diverse Presets: Package includes 8 Color, 2 Black & White, and 5 White Balance adjustment presets.
  • White Balance Presets: Easily tweak your images for the perfect warmth before or after applying the preset.
  • Adobe Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Adobe Lightroom CC 7.3+ and Adobe Camera Raw CC 10.4+.
  • Compatible with all Camera Brands

Ideal for photographers aiming for that evocative, filmic quality, the Beholden Collection provides the versatility and depth you need.

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