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Wild Lavender

Wild Lavender

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The Wild Lavender Preset Collection, a curated set of 20 Lightroom presets engineered for vivid imagery and artistic flair. Elevate your summer and fall photos with rich browns, silvers, and dreamy lilac hues, all while making greens truly come alive.

Key Features:

  • Vibrant Tones: Fine-tuned to bring out the depth and richness in foliage and landscapes.
  • Artistic Bohemian Tones: Brown, silver, and lilac tones to warm up your photos and provide that chic boho vibe.
  • Skin Tone Friendly: Thoughtfully designed to flatter and enhance all skin tones.
  • Textural Nuance: Featuring 3 specialized grain presets to elevate mood and texture.
  • Compatible with all Camera Brands

What's Included:

  • A suite of 20 meticulously crafted presets: 17 for color and 3 for grain adjustment.

Compatibility & Requirements:

  • Fully compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 7.1 and later versions.
  • Also supported on Adobe Camera Raw.

Who Is It For:

  • Crafted for professional photographers as well as hobbyists looking to elevate their art.

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Presets included: Spaetsommer, August, September, Daisy, Fresh cut grass, Junebug, Fresh Lemonade, Catching Fireflies, Summer Storm, Picking Strawberries, Lakeside, Misty Morning, Sweet Breeze, Emerald Doors, Meadow, Sweet Magnolia one Bonus Preset and 3 grain adjustment presets

Photos courtesy of

Krystal Marie Photo

Melissa Ware

Jasmin Jade
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